an-elaborate-tomb.pngWe had a peaceful Christmas at our home this week, and today is another grey day.  This is my favorite time of the year – the period between Christmas and Easter when the Michigan weather creates an overcast that makes light dim and for me helps me settle into a reflective state of mind. 

I have an invitation to participate in an on-line art exhibition for the Chinese Cultural Center of San Francisco on the theme of the “afterlife” which will be posted to coincide with Qing Ming.  So … in my daydreaming time, I have been thinking about traditional Chinese tombs. Kind of an odd thing to be thinking of in the days after Christmas when we just celebrated the birth of Christ … but this is where my imagination is leading me these days.

Old Chinese tombs are one of the things that I really appreciate for their aesthetics.  Carved of white stone and often set into a mountainside, these pearly structures dot the landscape around Hong Kong.  On this past trip, I was on the Ngong Ping 360 ride and was looking out the cable car for tombs.  Saw one that was near the run, but saw many others when we took ferry boats out to the outer islands of the territory.  So, I am thinking about starting out with the idea of the traditional Chinese tomb as a starting point for these musings.  We will see what transpires.