I often get stylistic inspiration for my work from Buddhist sculpture.  Several years ago, I saw an exhibit in Hong Kong of a recent archeological find of centuries of ancient Buddhist sculptures which showed the way that Buddha came to lose his Indian features and become more Chinese-looking the longer Buddhism was in China.  This was a very beautiful exhibit, and one that got me thinking about my own art in the years to come.  Could an artist make art that had the face of Buddha and express the heart of Christ?

Jesus in Pose of BuddhaIn some ways I try to do this in my own art, though this experiment is quite new for me yet.  I included here a sculpture which I found a picture of (I apologize that I cannot give credit to the artist, whose name I could not find).   As I look at this, I am not sure if this is the kind of thing I am aiming for, or if this is too synchronistic.  I want to express a uniquely Christian message, yet be heavily saturated in the cultural language of China.  Now this is made more complex by the fact that I am an ethnically Dutch-American boy who has had the experience of having my life profoundly touched by my wife who is from Hong Kong.  Yet, the more I learn about her culture, the more it enriches me.  I want this enrichment to inform and color my faith.

So, I wonder … can my art, the expression of my love for God … can this be something which remains pure in speaking about my faith, and yet is spoken through the visual language of my wife’s culture?  I want to try.  I just know so few traveling down this particular path.  I suppose this may be my narrow road.