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295445273_04062c402c1.jpgTonight, while painting, my heart was heavy. 

I had gotten an email that upset me, and I couldn’t get it off my mind.  All the while I was working, the thoughts nagged at me.  I tried to give it to God, but still it was there.  I was painting a woman in Qing-dynasty robes (with a jacquard-ribboned collar which I was very happy with) whose hands were opened to release a butterfly into the air.  I wanted that to be like my spirit, releasing the pain in my heart back to God.  I want to accept that my friend disagrees with me, and know that I have to let her disagree without engaging her in debate.  She is too passionate about how she feels to reconcile right now. 

The thing is, I believe that reconciliation is more powerful than being right.

Sometimes, the best way to stand up for what you believe is to commit yourself to be friends with people you disagree with. 

I am trying to live this out.

But God, it is so incredibly hard at times.