New Beginning

huayan_studyflotusblossoms_rdax_300x388.jpg I cleaned out my studio today. 

I hate doing that.

Just seeing everything, my creative clutter – gone – I hate it.

… and now I can move in there again.  Everything that was behind me is gone.  I am in many senses starting over.

The economy has hit 10% unemployment in Michigan, and the art market is taking a major hit.  I don’t know what this year will hold. 

But I have this scripture that keeps coming back and back and back … like my mantra for the new year.  Matthew 6:1 “Be careful not ot do your ‘acts of righeousness’ in front of others, to be seen by them.”  So maybe having the art market tank will force me, like I needed to be forced to clean my studio, to find other ways to use my art.  Maybe in hidden ways. 

I think God likes us to get good at being little. 

For me to be little is a big thing because I live for recognition.  And I need to throw all that kind of stuff away, like the junk in my studio.  God, sometimes I don’t understand, because to be a “success” means to be known, at least down here!  I hope this is one of these things where we don’t get what we ask for, but we get what we desire most … only we don’t realize that until the very end. 

So I am working on throwing out my junk to get a new beginning.