Lily Feet

lily-feet1.pngThis weekend we experienced one of the largest snowfalls in 20 or 30 years.  While we were snowbound, I had time to reflect … and paint.

I am going to see a couple of dear friends for Christmas Eve and am making them a ‘breath prayer’ painting.  These are friends who often travel to China, and bought me a pair of bright red antique lotus shoes, decorated with little fish near the toes.  They appear to be wedding shoes and are very beautiful.  I wanted to make them a painting that included these shoes.

I can tell when I paint with love … the work is so much easier to do.  Time just vanished when I was working on the face.  It was a beautiful face.  I am learning so much about how to highlight, and while I am no professional, I am so enjoying these little paintings for the things they teach me.  Tonight, I get to do the “fun part” – decorating the embroidery of the robes this woman is wearing in my painting.  She is holding the lotus shoes which my friend bought for me.  These lily feet are for me symbols of broken beauty, a metaphor for all of us.  But God picks us up, like the woman in my painting, and gives us new life.  I want to have butterflies, or a budding branch, or something coming out of the shoes which gives evidence to the beauty coming out of the brokenness. 

In working on this picture, I asked my wife to hold the lotus shoes, so I could draw her hands.  My wife has beautiful hands.  Very tiny and delicate. 

 I can’t wait to work on this tonight.