Happiness & More Happiness

Double Happiness PapercutToday was a good day.  I recently have been suffering from kidney stones, as I have for the last few years.  Since June, I have had quite a number of painful episodes that prevented me from working, painting, playing music, or about anything else that usually brings me joy.  Last evening, I had the privilige of watching Barack Obama win the presidency of the United States of America.  Being deeply interested in anti-racism and racial reconciliation, this was a moment that moved me deeply, as it did many people around the world.  For the first time in years, I was proud of my country in a profound way, and I am thankful for this moment in history.  This morning, after waking up, I passed a kidney stone (3 mm) and was without pain for about an hour, only to realize that there is at least one more which is on its way out.  I was in a lot of pain all day, and needed to take pain-killers again, but I was happy all day because of our president-elect.

This evening, I finished the second of my four or five paintings that I need to complete before traveling to Hong Kong.  I am making headway.  I also am prayerful about an opportunity I have tomorrow to give a talk on art as an aid to corporate and private worship to seminary students.  I so deeply want the church to be a place where artistic revival can be experienced … I hope that in some small way I can play a role in this.  I would love to be an instrument in helping the church undergo a sea-change in the way people encounter God’s presence in worship through the arts the way Barack Obama has changed the nature of race-relations in America forever.