God, what do you want?

young-chinese-girl.jpgLately, I have found that once again I cannot sleep at night.  Some people may wonder if it is insomnia, and to be honest, I don’t think that is the case.  Often, I assume that it is quite possibly the only time that I am still enough to reflect on God, which is quite a shame.  I think I could really do much better for myself if I only took the time I needed to spend some regular time with God.

It is when I can’t sleep that I get up, walk down the hallway to my art studio, sit on the mat and open my Bible in the dim light of a small lamp which hardly lights the room.  But I love the atmosphere.  Tonight, in the darkness, I can hear the wind … 

I just need to sit in God’s presence and ask, “God, what do you want?”

Maybe I don’t even need to ask anything at all … maybe it is just being aware of God’s presence which is enough.

As I sit here, I am filled with as sense of being sure that it is.