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Last night my wife and I were woken at 4 am by a phone call that the son of an artist friend of mine hung himself.  He had been struggling for a number of weeks after his girlfriend shot herself.  I can think of little else than the sadness of my friend, the way this […]

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 I get so much inspiration from looking at old photographs.  I love to imagine what it must have been  like to be the person in the picture … to be a part of the culture my wife comes from.  Who were these people?  In particular, the images of women intrigue me.  Often we do not […]

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Beauty from an “Outsider’s” Viewpoint

I have been working hard in the studio lately to crank out as many paintings as I can before leaving for Hong Kong at the end of the month.  However, the pressure has been getting to me.  I want to create these beautiful little portraits – breath prayers – pictures of my prayers for my […]

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Tonight, while painting, my heart was heavy.  I had gotten an email that upset me, and I couldn’t get it off my mind.  All the while I was working, the thoughts nagged at me.  I tried to give it to God, but still it was there.  I was painting a woman in Qing-dynasty robes (with […]

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