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Monthly Archives: January 2009


Today is the kind of day you want to stay indoors, snuggle under a blanket, and drink hot cocoa.  The clouds are so thick … the light even at noon is pretty dim.  Most people hate this kind of weather, but personally, I love it.  The world becomes quiet, as if in a moment of […]

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The Dragon

I have received a request to show the actual dragon dance costume that I created which gobbled up so much of my time this weekend.  The actual costume is designed for 5 people of roughly the same height, but for the sake of taking a photo, Yee Lam and our three children tried to make […]

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I have a bad habit.  I believe in myself … more than I should.  This past weekend, I believed that I would be able to teach myself how to sew on my daughter’s new sewing machine.  I imagined one morning the way to build/sew an entire dragon dance costume that I wanted to make in […]

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Today I paused to witness a moment that I will hopefully remember for a long, long time.  This is the first time that our country has elected someone to its highest office who was not of the same race as its founders.  Someone who carries a dream for people to both celebrate the complexities of our various racial and cultural heritages […]

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Learning a Lesser Way

So I am struggling with trying to figure out what God wants me to do with my art.  In the past week, I have come to the conviction that God is definitely moving me away from the things that typically are motivations for artists: to sell well, to be known, or to get bigger or […]

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New Beginning

 I cleaned out my studio today.  I hate doing that. Just seeing everything, my creative clutter – gone – I hate it. … and now I can move in there again.  Everything that was behind me is gone.  I am in many senses starting over. The economy has hit 10% unemployment in Michigan, and the […]

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