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Monthly Archives: November 2008

The Process of Creation

I have been exhausting myself the past few days – going to work, coming home, painting, going to bed and then starting all over again.  I have been consumed with creating little visual prayers for various family members I will see in 6 days!!! (I can’t believe I will finally be in Hong Kong again […]

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Christianity’s Verbal Bias

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Bible … and I love the way that words have given us insight into our history as a people of faith.  For example, the Nestorian Tablet which is the first evidence of Chrisitainity in China, gives us this information precisely becuse the words inscribed on the tablet tell […]

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Suffering, Beauty, and Bound Feet

It has been a few days since my last entry.  My kidney stones have not passed, my daughter needed to be taken to the Urgent Care Center, and we are still coping with the feelings after our friend’s son took his own life.  Our family is not in a horrible place, but we are having […]

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Reflections on Qing Dynasty Women

As I have written about in earlier postings, my imagination is moved by images of old China.  Maybe it is because for me as an outsider there are so many things that I appreciate about the culture that are beautiful, and yet I do not understand them completely either.  There is a degree of mystery […]

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I often get stylistic inspiration for my work from Buddhist sculpture.  Several years ago, I saw an exhibit in Hong Kong of a recent archeological find of centuries of ancient Buddhist sculptures which showed the way that Buddha came to lose his Indian features and become more Chinese-looking the longer Buddhism was in China.  This […]

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Gold and the Presence of God

Tonight I was in my studio working on “laying down gold” for the backgrounds of my new “breath prayer” paintings.  All the while I was working, I kept thinking of who would eventually look at these pieces, who would own them, what would be going on in their lives when they take time to look […]

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… and More Happiness

This morning I had the opportunity to give a talk on non-verbal connections with God to a group of seminary students who have an internship where I work (Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services).  It was good to be able to speak as an artist, to talk about how God communicates with me visually.  At […]

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Happiness & More Happiness

Today was a good day.  I recently have been suffering from kidney stones, as I have for the last few years.  Since June, I have had quite a number of painful episodes that prevented me from working, painting, playing music, or about anything else that usually brings me joy.  Last evening, I had the privilige […]

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Last night my wife and I were woken at 4 am by a phone call that the son of an artist friend of mine hung himself.  He had been struggling for a number of weeks after his girlfriend shot herself.  I can think of little else than the sadness of my friend, the way this […]

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 I get so much inspiration from looking at old photographs.  I love to imagine what it must have been  like to be the person in the picture … to be a part of the culture my wife comes from.  Who were these people?  In particular, the images of women intrigue me.  Often we do not […]

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